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Insurance companies globally have trillions of euros invested. Their investment needs are very specific, with strong regulation and very specific investment criteria.

Insurance Asset Management (IAM) addresses these key needs, and gives chief investment officers across the globe access to timely news, and in-depth analysis to help guide their investment decisions.

Who does IAM target?

Insurance Asset Management is the first media brand to specifically target the needs of chief investment officers, finance directors and heads of treasury at insurance companies globally.

We now reach over 20,000 of these professionals

How can you work with IAM?

We offer a number of key opportunities to maximise your impact to this key market. Here are just some of the opportunities:-

Q&A video interview with our editor - Filmed in our studio at London Bridge, these videos will cover a specific theme and we will be rolling out a series of these across the year.
Placed article promotion - Where you have an editorial-led whitepaper or article, we offer a package including an exclusive email to our 40,000 readers highlighting the article, and hosting on our site for maximum impact.
Display advertising - We offer a range of banner and MPU options, and these are sold on a monthly tenancy basis. Note, the site is very much narrow focused, so this is not about volumes of readers, but about having the right key decision makers accessing our content.
e-blasts - If you are running an event, or have a new launch or announcement, we can send your exclusive email to our readers.

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